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What do you think of when you hear the words “boarding school”? For some, these words have an immediate connotation of wealth and power, affluence and influence. Boarding schools, as everyone knows, is where the children of the elite go. At the same time, there may be a natural corollary, namely, that boarding school is not for everyone.

But that isn’t actually the case. Anyone can attend a boarding school – anyone, that is, who is interested in a true college prep high school, with small class size of 8-10 students, outstanding sports and arts facilities, teachers who are not only subject matter experts but also act as your advisors, coaches and counselors. Many boarding schools are known for their beautiful campuses with gracious buildings, and even forests, lakes and mountains on the campus as well.

Yes, boarding school can feel like a privileged environment, gracious in ways most high schools can never be; and yes, boarding schools are still a wonderful way to meet friends now who may be the movers and shakers of tomorrow. But anyone who can qualify for a particular school may attend. Boarding schools are interested in diversifying their student bodies, so that these days you will find students from every country and culture, and from all across the United States. Boarding schools are some of the most diverse milieus you will find.

While all good high schools aim to be college prep environments, boarding schools are unique in that they actually mirror what college life is like – but with the kind of supervision and structure that makes it easier for those students to transition to the independence of college life. Think about it – most students go from home, where everything is taken care of for them, directly to the complete independence of college life.

Without any practice in structuring their time and making wise choices about their free time, many students flounder that first year of college. Not so boarding school students, who have spent four years practicing how to make time for classes, meals, afterschool sports or arts programs, homework and free time – all with the gentle oversight and guidance of their teachers, who also function as their academic advisors as well as their coaches and their dorm parents. Boarding schools embrace the whole child in a way that few other schools can.

There is a boarding school option for every student, whether you’re looking for a large school or a small one, a highly academic environment, a springboard to college athletics, or a deeper experience in the arts. There are different types of boarding schools for different types of students as well.

Getting into boarding school is as competitive as any other private school. If you’re interested in discussing boarding school options for high school it is advisable to start planning for this at least one year in advance.

Boarding School Locations

We specialize in finding suitable boarding schools in California and New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont).

For more information about applying to boarding schools in the United States, please use the contact form, or call +1 (877) 877-6240.

Preparing to take the ISEE or SSAT this school year? Remember, if your child is entering grades 5 and up, the ISEE is required for California private day schools; and most boarding schools require the SSAT.

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